Campaign Name

The following guide will show you how to make use of the Campaign Name section and have an automated report sent to you after sending a Bulk SMS campaign.

Simply click on "Sending" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Send Message" option and follow these easy steps:

Adding a Campaign Name

Once you have typed your message in to the "Message" field, you will be able to enter a campaign name by typing your preferred campaign name under the "Campaign Name" section located under "Show Advanced Settings" . Once you have selected your campaign name, the system will ask you to confirm the email address where you would like the campaign results to be sent to, as seen below:

Once you have selected your campaign name, you can proceed to preview and send your message by clicking on the "Preview & Send" button. The system will send you an email confirming that your campaign was successfully sent and you will also receive a detailed status report within 24 hours of the campaign being sent.


Important Information

  • You can add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma and no spaces.