Expiring Groups

The following guide will show what actions are required for inactive groups that are about to expire.


All groups require a retention period upon creation (defaulted to 31 days). Any group that has not been used during the specified retention period, will be set to expire.

You will receive an email notifying you that these groups are set to expire, and the groups will automatically be deleted 30 days after this notification.

Please use any of the following steps below to resolve this problem:

Option 1: Delay Expiry

Select the “Don’t Expire” option by clicking on the "Actions" icon next to the particular group on the groups page. This will reset the expiry of the group to 30 days from when the button is clicked. If the group is already set to expire in 30 days, it will remain the same.

Option 2: Reset Expiry

All groups automatically reset to their original retention period when used in a send.

Option 3: Download/Save

Download the groups onto your computer for safe keeping, by clicking on the "Actions" icon next to the relevant group and selecting the "Download" option. This will ensure that when the groups expire, you still have your groups backed up. You can then re-import these groups at any point in time.


Important Information

  • If any account is sending programmatically via an API or not making use of groups, it will not be affected in any way.