Web Services API (Legacy)


Important: API Channel Activation for New Accounts and Sub-Accounts

When you create a new Account or Sub-Account, please be aware that by default, no API channels will be active. To enable API access and manage your Accounts and Sub-Accounts' API credentials and settings, please follow the steps outlined in the "API Keys" page.

Note for Accounts Created Before 6 June 2023: If you have an Account that was created before 6 June 2023, the API channels would have been automatically enabled. However, if you wish to switch to an alternative API or use additional APIs, you will need to create an API Key for the desired API.


The web service can be referenced at https://mymobileapi.com/api5/api.asmx
The naming convention describes what the function accepts and returns. E.g.: Reply_STR_DS will accept an XML string and return a data set (.net object).
Most of the functions follow a common thread: accept 3 parameters, return XML or dataset.
The returned data will always contain the following:


The result will be either “True” or “False”.
If “False” the error will be displayed with the “error” tag.