Resetting your Password

Step 1: Login Page

Simply go to your login page and select the "Forgot password?" option.

Step 2: Enter Username

Type in your account username.

Step 3: Submit

Click on "Submit", and the system will then send you an email with further instructions.

Step 4: Reset Password

Click on the "Reset Password" button within the email, and the system will open up a new window which will allow you to enter and confirm your new password.

Step 5: Save

Click on "Submit" to update your password.


Important Information

  • If you did not receive your password via email, kindly check your spam/junk folder for the email, as it might be trapped in your spam filter.



  • Ensure that you type your username in the correct format, exactly as you did when you created the account, with spaces and caps lock where applicable.
  • Avoid using spaces before or after your username as the system will not be able to find the account.