Importing Bulk Contacts

The following guide will show you how to import bulk contacts into a birthday group. You will need to create a group first, before importing any contacts.

Simply click on "Birthdays" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Import" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: File Format

Ensure that your Excel datasheet is in the correct format before importing it, as seen below:



Excel Format

  • Column A: Cellphone Number
  • Column B: Birth Day
  • Column C: Birth Month (Numeric)
  • Column D - G: Personal Information i.e. Names, Surnames etc.

Step 2: Import

Select the file you would like to import under the "File" section. Then, select the group you would like to import the file to under the "Select Group" section. Once you have made the above selections you can click on "Next", as seen below:


The system will show you a preview of your uploaded file and if you are happy with the file, you can continue by clicking on "Next". Once the file has been imported you will be presented with an "Import Summary" screen confirming the results of your import.



  • OVERWRITE EXISTING: Select this option if you would like your new file to replace the data of any contacts' numbers that already exist in your selected group.
  • CHECK OPT-OUTS: Select this option if you would like to remove contacts whose numbers appear in your opt-out list from this group import.
  • GENERATE ERROR REPORT: Select this option if you would like to generate an error report to view a list of contacts which have failed to import to your group.


Important Information

  • The system will accept the following number formats when importing bulk contacts via your excel document: 27831234567 / 0831234567 / 831234567
  • NOTE: The above examples used are based on South African number ranges and the format may differ depending on your country prefix.