The following guide will show you how to create birthday groups. Groups are necessary for importing your database in order to send automated birthday messages.

Simply click on "Birthdays" on the left-hand control panel menu, and follow these easy steps:

Creating a Group

Select the "+ Create New" option to the top right of your screen, and give your group a name and description by typing it in to the relevant fields. You can then create a predefined message to be sent out to your database at a specific time, on their birthday, as seen below:


Once you have created your group, you can click on the "Import" option under the "Birthdays" section on the left-hand control panel menu and continue to upload your data.


Important Information

  • You have the option of including values in your message to personalise it. This can be done by making use of Values 1 - 4 when typing your message, depending on what information is used when importing your database.