Error Codes

Explore the full list of all possible REST API error codes

HTTP Status Codes

200 OKResponse is correct. The body of the response will include the data requested.
400 Bad RequestThere was an error with the request. The body of the response will have more info.
401 UnauthorizedUnauthorized Token is invalid. If your API key is wrong a 401 will be generated. Please check the API key.
503 Service UnavailableThere are multiple possible reasons for a HTTP 503 error.

RESTful Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
InvalidParameter.FormatThe provided parameter is in an invalid format.
InvalidParameter.TypeThe provided parameter contains an invalid type.
EntityNotFound.GroupThe provided group could not be found.
EntityNotFoundThe requested resource could not be found.
RequiredParameter.MissingA required parameter was not supplied.

Authentication Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
AuthenticationToken.InvalidThe provided authentication token is invalid or missing.
AuthenticationToken.ExpiredThe provided authentication token has expired.
InvalidCredentialsThe given credentials are invalid.
AuthenticationHeader.MissingThe required authentication header is missing for the request.
AuthenticationHeader.InvalidThe required authentication header is in an incorrect format or has an incorrect encoding.

Sending Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
InsufficientCreditsThe current amount of credits is insufficient to complete the send.
IncorrectScheduledDateThe given end date is earlier than the start date.
DestinationAddress.NoNetworkFoundNo network route was found for the given destination address.
DestinationAddress.InvalidThe given destination address is in an incorrect format.
DestinationAddress.OptoutThe destination address has opted out of the send.
DuplicateMessageA duplicate message was detected.
EntityNotFound.ReplyRuleThe provided Reply Rule could not be found.
EmptySend.NoValidMessagesThe provided SendRequest contained no valid messages to send.
InternalServerErrorUnhandled error response.