Website/FTP - Cancelling a Scheduled Message

The following guide will show you how to cancel a scheduled message sent through the website or FTP channel.


Please note that messages sent via the SOAP and HTTP channels can be cancelled by following this GUIDE.

Simply click on "Reporting" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Sent / Queued" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Search

Select the specific date range for the scheduled messages, and click on "Search" to the right of your screen. Your scheduled messages for that date range will be displayed and you can then click on "View" to the right of your screen to see the status of your scheduled messages, as seen below:


Step 2: Pause & Cancel

Once you have clicked on "View", you will need to pause the scheduled messages by clicking on "Pause" to the bottom right of your screen, and then confirming this selection. The system will then pause the messages where you can then choose to release (unpause) or cancel the messages completely. Select the "Cancel" option to completely cancel the messages and then confirm your selection, as seen below:



Releasing a Scheduled Message

  • If you select "Release" instead of "Cancel", the system will unpause the messages, and it will go out at the original scheduled date and time.


Important Information

  • Once you have cancelled your scheduled messages, your credits will be returned to your account.
  • Cancelled messages will still be visible in your "Sent / Queued" history, even though they have been successfully cancelled.
  • A scheduled message cannot be edited. You will need to cancel it completely and reschedule it should you need to make any changes.