The following guide will show you how to create and use templates for routine SMSes.

Simply click on "Sending" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Templates" option and follow these easy steps:

Creating a Template

Click on "Create Template" to the top right of your screen and give your new template a name. Type your required message in the "Contents" field and click on "Save", as seen below:

Once you clicked on "Save", your template will be created and you will be able to view, edit or delete your templates on the resulting screen. You can then proceed to send a bulk or single message using one of your templates.


Sharing Templates with Sub-Accounts

  • You have the option of sharing your templates with your sub-accounts by selecting the "Share with Sub-Accounts" option when creating or editing a template.
  • You also have the option of forcing a sub-account to only make use of the master account's templates by making the necessary changes under the "Authorisation" tab when editing a sub-account.


Important Information

  • Select the relevant placeholder (Value 1 - 6) to add to your message content if you would like to create a custom template. This must correlate with your imported numbers' data, E.G: If your first column is your name field then "Hi @@[email protected]@" will result in "Hi Jane". Please note that this is not required.