The following guide will help you understand your dashboard and explain what information is available to you on your homepage.


Today's Statistics

  • Kindly note that the statistics to the right of your dashboard will only show you information for the current day. If you have any scheduled or paused messages for a future date, this information will not be displayed as part of the daily statistics on your dashboard.

Once logged in to your account, you will be presented with your dashboard by default, displaying various statistics, as seen below:


Message Parts

  • "Message Parts" refers to the total amount of messages processed and scheduled on your account for the current day. This information will update every 10 minutes.


  • "Processed" refers to the total amount of messages that have successfully been processed from your account and handed over to the networks to deliver to the handsets.


  • "Paused" refers to the total amount of scheduled messages, for the current day, that have successfully been paused.
  • Once messages have been paused, you can cancel them completely or release them to go out at the original scheduled time.


  • "Unprocessed" refers to the total amount of messages that have successfully been scheduled from your account for a future time on the same day.

Awaiting DLR

  • "Awaiting DLR" refers to the total amount of messages that have not been delivered as yet. This could be due to the handsets being off, out of network coverage or the sim card being full during the time the networks try and deliver the messages.
  • The networks will continue to try and deliver the messages to these handsets for a specific amount of time, before reporting a status of "Expired".


Delivery Statuses & Descriptions

  • You can view a complete list of Delivery Statuses & Descriptions of each status by clicking HERE.