Importing Bulk Contacts

Simply click on "Contacts" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Import" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Select File

Select the file you would like to import under the "File" section.

Step 2: Select Group

Select the specific group under the "Select Group" section and click "Next".

Step 3: Preview & Save

Preview and confirm your selected file by clicking on "Next", and your file will be saved to your group.

Example file


Important Information:

  • The system will accept the following number formats when importing bulk contacts via your excel document: 27831234567 / 0831234567 / 831234567
  • All examples used are based on South African number ranges and the format may differ depending on your country prefix.


Additional Settings:

  • Overwrite existing: Select this option if you would like your new file to replace the data of any contacts' numbers that already exist in your selected group.
  • Generate error report: Select this option if you would like to generate an error report to view a list of contacts' numbers which have failed to import to your group.