Sub-Accounts Screen

Simply click on "Sub Accounts " on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "List" option and follow these easy steps:

Create Sub-Account

Select the "+ Create Sub Account" option to the top right of your screen, complete the required fields, and then click on "Accept".


Important Information.

  • Sub-Accounts cannot purchase credits and the main account holder will need to ensure that the Sub-Accounts have credits.
  • The main account needs to have a positive balance to be able to transfer credits to a Sub-Account.
  • Newly created Sub-Accounts will not have any active API channels, and you will need to refer to the "API Keys" page to create and manage your new Sub-Accounts' API credentials and settings.


Deactivated Sub-Accounts

  • Deactivated Sub-Accounts will by default be hidden from your list of Sub-Accounts. In order to view or activate these Sub-Accounts, you would need to select the "All" or "Inactive" filter at the top-left of your screen next to "Status".