Delivery Statuses

The below table details the various delivery statuses, as well as what each status means.




Refers to the successful submission of the SMS to the handset. The cellular network reports the status.


Refers to the unsuccessful submission of the SMS to the handset, caused by inactive or unreachable numbers. The cellular network reports the status.


Refers to no status update being received within the validity period. This is usually caused by the handset being off, going to voicemail, being redirected, or the handset being out of network reach.


SMS delivery to the number is restricted due to a request by the owner or WASPA.


The SMS has been submitted to the cellular network for delivery. We are waiting for a status update from the cellular network.


The SMS is waiting in the system to be submitted to the cellular network. In most cases this is for SMSes that are scheduled for a future send date.


The SMS was scheduled to be sent at a future date and time, but was cancelled by the user before the send date and time were reached.


Refers to no route being available for the number.