Inserting Group Values or Variables

The following guide will show you how to add group values or variables (API) to a Landing Page to customize your campaigns.

Inserting Group Values for Website Sending


Importing of Data for Website Senders

  • Please note that this feature requires your groups to have additional data in columns B - G when importing your file, in order for it to be inserted into your Landing Page.
  • SMS placeholder values 1 - 6 = Excel spreadsheet columns B - G.

When creating a Landing Page, you have the ability to insert group values that are unique to each contact from your group's database, by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Update Values

Ensure that you include the required group values in your group when importing your database, as seen below:


Step 2: Insert Values

You will be able to insert your group values into your landing page by selecting the preferred value from each respective field, depending on the specific element. Each element that allows for the adding of values will have the "Values" option available on screen, as seen below:


Once you have created your Landing Page and inserted all the necessary values, you will be able to send a custom Landing Page to each of your recipients via the Bulk SMS sending option, where each recipient will receive their own personalised Landing Page, as defined by the different inserted group values, as seen below:



Important Information

  • When previewing or sending a test Landing Page from the editing screen, you will not see any real values, only {{value1}}, as an example of a custom field. Only after selecting a specific group and sending your campaign will the actual values be added to the Landing Page.

Inserting Custom Variables for API Sending

Custom variables can be inserted in the same manner as group values. Variables should always be in the following {{variable_name}} format, as seen on the below RESTful example.


  "Messages": [
      "Content": "Hi John, please find your latest statement by clicking on the following link - @@Link@@",
      "Destination": "27812345678",
      "LandingPageVariables": {
        "LandingPageId": "20201209063822720",
        "Variables": {
            "Name": "John",
            "Account_Number": "123456",
            "Amount": "500"

All inserted variables should be passed during the API SMS send, and when done correctly it will be inserted into the defined Landing Page. See our guide on how to send a message via API HERE.


Important Information

  • There is no limit on the number of custom variables in a Landing Page that can be added. The only prerequisite is that all custom variables are passed with your API request.