Troubleshooting SMS Delivery

Your message has been sent, but for some reason did not arrive on the handset. This simple guide will help you understand, identify and solve the possible problems that may have caused this issue.

My message was not received by the handset

SMSes can fail to arrive on a user's handset for a number of reasons. Please check the status of the message from your Date Range report and find the applicable delivery status in our delivery status table. Each status description will outline the meaning of our message status - delivery statuses.

Is there a record of us sending your message?

When you send an SMS via our platform, we keep a log of your sends and this can easily be accessed by requesting a Date Range Report from within your account for the relevant time period - downloading a Date Range report.

Programmatic API Sender Error Code

If you are an API sender and you are receiving an error, please refer to our API documentation to ensure that your integration and implementation are correct.

If your setup is correct and an error persists, please contact us with your error code and we will investigate the issue.

I have followed the guidelines. What now?

Is the handset's inbox full?

Often, a lack of storage space on the handset can cause a message to remain unreceived.

Has the SIM card been removed and then re-inserted into the handset?

This can often solve the problem.

Have you sent a test message from an alternative device?

This will help to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Roaming Numbers

Please ensure that the number you are trying to send to has SMS roaming activated if it is not within its country of origin.

Country Restrictions

Not all countries support DLRs. For this reason, a message might indicate as EXPIRED even though it was delivered. If this is the case, DLRs might be received inconsistently, or not at all, but this does not mean that the message was not received by the handset.

Contact Support

If this guide was unable to solve your problem, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you as best we can.