Error Codes (SFTP)

Error CodeDescription
InsufficientCredits Not enough Credits are available to fulfill the request.
IncorrectScheduledDate The specified End Date is earlier than the Start Date.
MSISDN.NoNetworkFound The MSISDN specified has no network associated with it. The send to this number could not be completed.
MSISDN.Optout The MSISDN has Opted Out of your service. The message will not be sent to this address.
RequiredParameter.Missing A required parameter was either not specified or was empty.
File.InvalidVersion The file version was not specified or is invalid. Consult the API documentation for valid version numbers and formats.
File.ParseError Some fields within the file could not be processed. Please view fault report.
File.DuplicateFound A file with the same name has already been processed. The duplicate will not be processed to prevent duplicate sends.
File.Corrupt The file was unparsable.
EmptySend.NoValidMessages The file either contained no valid messages or the supplied messages could not be sent (eg. all numbers have already opted out).
InternalServerError An internal error has occurred. If the error persists, please contact support.