Auto Login Guide


The Auto Login capability allows a third party application, such as a web page, to login a user that is registered with your SMS gateway provider.


*Username The user name for the user trying to log in
*Password The password for the user trying to log in
FailedURLThe URL to redirect to if the username/password is incorrect.
URL format = If not set, then redirected to reseller website home page.


All entries marked with * are Mandatory


    <FORM action=”” method=”post”>
      <LABEL for=”firstname”>Username: </LABEL> <INPUT type=”text” name=”username”><BR>
      <LABEL for=”lastname”>Password: </LABEL> <INPUT type=”text” name=”password”><BR>
      <LABEL for=”email”>Failed URL: </LABEL> <INPUT type=”text” name=”failedurl”><BR>
      	<INPUT type=”submit” value=”Login” name=”mysubmit”> </FORM>

If the login is successful the page will be redirected to the reseller’s website client login home page.

If the login is unsuccessful the page will be redirected to the assigned ‘failedurl’ parameter, or if none is assigned then the reseller’s website home page.