Test Webhooks

Test that your webhook endpoint is working properly before taking it live.

Webhook Testing provides a means to debug your configuration and application. There are two ways to test your webhook endpoint:

  1. Create test activity on your account
  2. Manually send test events from the Control Panel

Both options require registering your endpoint(s) on your account, which you will need to do before going live anyway. You may experience firewall or tunneling issues when testing, particularly when developing on localhost so be sure to check out the Webhooks best practices section.

Testing from the Control Panel

To test your webhook endpoint using the Control Panel:

  1. Add the relevant endpoints to your account in the Control Panel
  2. After adding the endpoint, click the TEST URL button
  3. In the modal that appears, select the channel that you are integrating with if prompted

The results of the test and your endpoint’s response will be displayed on screen. Do note that these are fake events with fake IDs. They do not contain real, actionable data.


Please always ensure the following:

  • The webhook URL specified is correct, the domain is registered and it resolves to an IP address.
  • The IP addresses from which we will perform HTTP posts are whitelisted on your firewall and that the relevant ports are open.
  • The web server has been configured to host your application.
  • The web server has been configured to allow HTTP posts.
  • You are responding with HTTP 200 to our inbound requests.